Who are we

About Us
Appchem is a is a leading manufacturer and supplier of diverse research chemicals. With over 200,000 items, scale-up manufacturing capabilities, and customized services, we offer a comprehensive range of laboratory chemicals, including heterocycles, boron acids, amino acids, metal catalysts,and chiral compounds, all available for global shipping.
As a reliable partner, Appchem has over 10 years experiences supporting the process development and production of non-regulatory and regulatory starting materials (RSMs) from pre-clinical support to clinical trials I/II/III and commercialization. With extensive knowledge and experience in custom synthesis and contract manufacturing, Appchem offers cost effective, high quality, and timely services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.
Appchem also has a team exclusively working on its catalogue products and designing&developing advanced molecules, catalogue product covers most of the building blocks regularly used for drug discovery. Through the online shop, customers can find their needs effortlessly.

Our Mission

To be a trusted partner that propels our customers' research success by providing quality-driven chemicals and one-stop solutions.

Our Value

Constant innovation

We constantly improve our innovative capability , and make innovation not only existed on technologies, but also on ideas, products, and services etc.
We pursue “Better and Better” in every aspects of our operations.


Foster partnerships and knowledge-sharing to advance scientific exploration.


Anticipate and meet the evolving needs of our customers with professional proficiency and dedication.